The Illustrated Penguin Joke Anthology

Jokes about penguins as told by The Two Penguins

Penguins are humorous creatures, judging by the sheer number of jokes featuring penguins, and the affinity that folks have for jokes about penguins. As a tribute to our fellow penguins, we present "The Illustrated Penguin Joke Anthology," a collection of penguin jokes of every flavor -- from knock-knocks to non-sequiturs, from what-do-you-get-whens to what's-black-and-white-and-red-all-overs. Below the illustration, you'll find fun facts and historical information related to the joke and it's origin, when available.

From now on, Tuesday shall be known as "Two Penguins Tuesday," a day kind of like open mic night at your local comedy club, only it's for us penguins. Each Tuesday, we'll share a new penguin joke with you and add it to this collection.

Know a great penguin joke? Like to contribute to this anthology? Contact us and share your joke. If we think it's appropriate, we'll add it here and give you credit. And now, without further ado... the Illustrated Penguin Joke Anthology!