Happy World Penguin Day! For those of you who think I’m making this up, World Penguin Day is an actual event. Don’t believe me? Check out the Encyclopedia Britanica.

April 25th marks the start of the Northern Migration of Adelie Penguins from Antarctica. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Wintertime in Antarctica right now, and as the days  get shorter and the nights grow longer, Adelie Penguins head to points north (mostly other icebergs floating around the sea).

They only travel a couple hundred miles, maybe 600 kilometers, but that distance is far enough north where the sun hangs higher in the sky long enough for them to more easily find sources of food. Just like us, it’s hard for Penguins to see in the dark. When they open the door to the refrigerator searching for a midnight snack, there’s no glowing lightbulb to help them slather mayonnaise on their krill sandwiches.

A few months later when the Antarctic Spring rolls around, the Adelies will head back to their Penguin Colonies in Antarctica.

Sadly for The Two Penguins, they are stuck on this here iceberg, lost, adrift in the vast ocean. Which ocean? Well, we’re not quite sure.

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